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Four Steps To Instant Music: 1. Create Your Account 2. Search Our Music, 3. Add It To Your Cart, 4. Add Your AppSumo Code.

Step One

Step one is to create an account (using your AppSumo purchase email address). Do that by clicking here.

If you don’t see your password appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder. In some rare cases may take 10 mins for your email to appear.

Step Two

Search through our music (Click here). Our music can be searched by popular track tags or filtering by genre. Click the play button to hear a sample.

We add new music regularly so check back next week if you don’t find the perfect track.

Step three

Once you have found a track (or two or ten) you like, click on the track title then click add to basket, then click view basket.

Don’t worry you can come back and download more at a later date! The code doesn’t expire. If you should see a message about a 60 day expiration please ignore it. 

Step Four

Add your unique AppSumo Code to the box called “Coupon Code” (this removes the charge). 

Proceed to checkout, login to your account (if you’re not already logged in). Read the Terms and Conditions, if you agree tick the box then click place order. 

Need help? Got a Question? - Contact us. Thank you for your purchase and support.

Thank you! – SongTrack Network is a new site and it means a lot that you have supported this small business during this time.

Useful Information:

Password Reset

To reset your password while logged in you can go to your account details area by clicking this button:

Check Your Spam Folder

A very small number of customers have had a problem where our transactional emails go to spam on there email accounts. Please check! I am making changes today to try to stop this.


Need help? Please click the button below to visit our contact page.

What Not To Do:

Please follow these rules to be fair to composers and other users. If anything is confusing just ask us!

  • You may not resell or redistribute our music as standalone tracks. 
  • You cannot directly or indirectly license or sub-license, give away or sell or resell our tracks in any way.
  • You can’t rearrange the music, add extra instruments or vocals to the tracks (Get in touch if you need custom backing tracks).
  • You may not share a license with another party (but if you want to refer someone we will be happy to provide a discount code) .
  • You can’t use the tracks for any video condoning violence or hate.
  • You cannot add our music to any content ID system or performing rights organisation (be fair to the composer and other users).
  • You cannot use our music as in-store background music (this isn’t a public performance license, get in touch if you want one, chances are we can help you).