Royalty Free Music – What Does It Really mean?

Many websites and companies offering the same service as SongTrack Network call their music Royalty Free. In our opinion this is extremely misleading and so we don’t use it. In this article we will explore the use of the term “royalty free music’ and what it actually means for you the consumer.

Often a website will say Royalty Free when advertizing but almost 100% of the time there will be some small print or part of a contract or terms and conditions mentioning royalties. First we need to recognise the types of royalties we are talking about.

First up is the “Mechanical” Royalty this effectively gives someone the right to use/reproduce the music (for example music being made into CDs), most sites like ours (including Music Bed, Premium Beat, Artlist, Pond 5 etc.) replace collection by traditional mechanical rights organisations with a straight up Sync fee (your one time license or blanket license). In our opnion this is still a “royalty” but just a much more simplified and cheaper way for a creator of YouTube videos to use. It is often a lot more competative compared to the rates of the mechanical collection agencies and brings the price down which is why sites like ours are often used for TV, Films and games.

The second type is “Performance” royalties. On nearly every royalty free website the Performance royalties are not included. It’s generally the end TV channel, a cinema or YouTube itself which ends up paying these royalty fees so they are often not thought about by production companies or indivdual YouTubers. Our base licenses don’t include these performance royalties but in some cases due to our cutting edge alternative collection agency we can grant a license for these directly. It’s much more involved than us selling you a standard Sync license for our tracks so costs would need to be negotiated.

For 99% of people our simple sync fee is all you need to pay to use our music. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to get in touch. Please remember to check our Terms & Conditions for full details.