SongTrack For Artists

If you are a musical artist, composer, songwriter or band you may want to join SongTrack. Please note our company is very different to other Publishers and Labels you may have worked with.

Our whole business model and our most cruical partnerships relie on being entirely independant from the Performing Rights Organisations such as PRS, ASCAP, BMI etc. If you sign with us you will commit to never joining PRS, PPL or any affiliated PRO, even if you stop providing us with music. All music submitted must be original, free of YouTube Content ID and must be completly royalty free for life (a big ask for many artists).

When you are accepted by us and join up with us we do give you support with releases and monetizing your music. We distribute your music to large platforms such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. We also pitch your music to film companies, tv producers and monetise your music in shops and restarants. We promote your music using various sites we own and using industry partnerships we have nurtured.

In exchange for your hard work you will recieve 50% of profits from all of your works.

If you wish to monetise releases independant of us we can advise you on how to recive performance and mechanical royaltys without formally joining a Performing Rights Organisation.

We don’t pay advances or buyout tracks.

Only a small percentage of applicants are successful and it may take considerable time before we answer your application.

Please consider all of this very carefully before getting in touch.

What are we currently looking for:

  • Music which sits well in the background at a venue, relaxing stuff that doesn’t get in the way. (This is our number one concern).
  • Computer Game Music.
  • Sound Track style tracks.
  • Meditation music.