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If you are searching for high-quality curated stock music, with NO MONTHLY FEES then you have come to the right place. SongTrack Network provides premium but affordable mechanical and synchronization music licenses, allowing you to use our music for Social Media, Film, TV, Apps and Games.

You are in safe hands, all tracks displayed are exclusively made for us and controlled by us (we can trace every track to source and 70% of tracks have been made in house). Our music gives you premium quality music for your content while allowing you to avoid those hefty mechanical and sync royalty fees. The best thing is we don’t do monthly fees.

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The Perfect Soundtrack To Your Project


Over the years our music has been licensed by a number of well known brands. With this new site you can license directly from us. It’s never been easier. 


You can get a professional music license from us for as little as £5. Tracks are available in multiple styles and genres to meet your projects needs.


Time is so important for all businesses and productions. With our pay per track licenses it doesn’t matter what time it is just pay for your track and get instant delivery to your inbox. 

Why Choose SongTrack Network?


Getting tied into a monthly contract is no fun. We offer a one time pay per track license and choose your track and away you go. 


Our pay per track license is amazing value. Once you pay for a track you can use it again and again. Other sites make you pay for the same track over and over. 


Unlike many of the big bloated libraries our music is exclusively owned giving us ultimate control over it.