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If you are searching for high-quality curated royalty free stock music then you have found the right site. SongTrack Network provides music for Social Media, Film, TV, Games, Hospitality and Retail Background Music Sound Systems.

You are in safe hands, all tracks displayed are exclusively made for us, controlled by us and are free from Performing Rights Organisations (PRS, ASCAP, BMI, PPL etc). A license from us not only provides you with a mechanical license but also clears music for public performance. Most other librares will only offer you a mechanical sync license.

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Our music has been licensed by a number of large trusted names including Next, KDigital, IFP, NBC, Universal, Mood Media, PlayNetwork and many others. Our Music fits a variety of uses from TV Production and Radio Adverts to Video Games like Beat Fever.

Save Money

Our tracks are free from PRS, MCPS, PPL, ASCAP, BMI and various other PRO registrations. This means that you can license 100% cleared music directly from us without having to deal with costly fees. And yes, you can use our music as background music in your business.

Instant Delivery

Time is so important for all businesses and productions. Whatever the time, as long as you have an internet connection you will have instant delivery of your music and license. No waiting required. Hit your deadline with SongTrack Network.

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Run a shop, restaurant, bar, gym, or any other business that wants to play music? Avoid the cost of the expensive PRS and PPL music licenses for your business. SongTrack Network has a variety of royalty free albums you can license as background music for as little as £30. We also have our own streaming service coming soon!

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