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Is your music Free From PRS?

All tracks on the website are free from PRS, MCPS, PPL, ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, BUMA, SESAC, SACEM, and various other PRO registrations. By buying a license, we the copyright owners give you permission to play the music in one venue/on one production (per license you pay).

We can provide a signed letter to confirm your music license and it’s royalty free status if this helps you.

You ultimately hold responsibility for complying with the licensing rules of your country. It may seem like common sense but licensing one album from us does not give you the right to play music that isn’t part of the album!!

Is Your Music Free From YouTube Content ID/Other Similar systems?

We make every effort so that licensed tracks don’t get a copyright claim.

We like to be honest with our customers and the nature of the content ID system (many producers use the same virtual instrument samples, chord sequences and there are only so many notes!) means that no company can truly guarantee no claims.

While we haven’t had any issues to date, and should a claim arise we will do our best to help you.

We do scan for unlicensed tracks and make every effort to have videos removed after investigation.

Do you Do Custom Music Orders?

Yes we do! You can commission tracks for as little as £75. The cost involved depends on a number of factors such as exclusivity, the complexity of the piece and if the music is a buyout (yes we actually do that!).

Do You Provide Discounts For “insert Good Cause Here”?

Yes we do! We try our best to be a nice company! Just get in touch if you are a student, a charity or something else (we might say no but it’s worth a try) you think deserves a discount!

If you can prove you are part of these charities: Anthony Nolan, Blood Cancer UK, Macmillan, Alzheimers or Cancer Research UK, Alzheimers Society, Dementia UK, DKMS, Leukaemia UK or BiPhoria. Licenses are automatically free for you just ask for a code to be made.