Explained – What Is Media Music?

In this article we explore the term Media Music, its usage and what it means for you. 

The Definition of Media Music

Media Music is a term most commonly used for describing Music specifically created for use in Media. When we say Media this can refer to a wide variety of formats from YouTube Videos to TV Productions, aswell as video games, corporate training videos, advertising, radio shows, telephone hold music and podcasts.

It is also often referred to as Production Music (meaning a Media Production) and you will often find it in Production Music Libraries such as SongTrack Network. Other terms frequently used are Library Music (the library being the site the media music is found upon) or Stock Music (much like stock photos or video footage) which all mean much the same thing.

Media Music may also be Buyout Music, Royalty Free Music or Copyright Free Music which refer to specific types of Media Music. You should always make sure you know exactly what you are paying and read the terms and conditions on media music sites as these terms can often be confusing.

SongTrack Network provides mechanical and sync media music licenses making it easy for youtubers to monetise their videos and have fantastic musical soundtracks.

Media Music Is Used For Many Media Forms

How And Why Media Music Is Used

As Media Music is often created with sync (adding music to media to add meaning) in mind it is usually created with the qualities videos editors have in mind for broadcasting. Because of the use of these qualities it is often a lot easier to use and makes the job of a production company a lot easier.

You can find lots of examples of high quality media music on this website. You may want a string based track to help add a luxury feel to your media or perhaps a retro synth based piece which may help add that retro feel to your video. 

Media Music is ultimately used as the icing on the cake for many media productions. It adds meaning (perhaps suspense), helps grab the attention and enhances the overall experience for viewers or players.

From video to gaming, music can be used to enhance a media product.

The SongTrack Media Music Library

We take great pride in our library of Media Music. Our whole aim is to make it easy and affordable for creators to use great music. 

Our friendly team will always be happy to answer your questions about our music and help you choose the right license type for your media. Our standard £5 per music track license is intended for social media usage such as YouTube videos and buying this licence includes the ability to monetise your own content. 

We can’t wait to help you with your media music needs and help you find the best fit for your project from our thousands of tracks.